Special Instructions to Designers

Special Instructions to Designers contains instructions on a wide variety of general, cross-discipline topics, including codes to be followed, and building commissioning.

2.6 Insurance Underwriter  January 2015
SID-A Building Envelope August 2014  May 2014
Health System Projects only SID-A-H Design Guidelines for UMHHC Facilities
SID-B Owner’s Project Requirements and Basis of Design Documents May 2012 July 2011
SID-C Compatibility with Existing Conditions May 2014  December 1991
SID-D Energy and Water Conservation October 2014 February 2014
Energy and Water Conservation Report Format – Projects $2M to $10M Construction Cost July 2013 June 2011
Energy and Water Conservation Report Format – Projects Over $10M Construction Cost February 2014 July 2013
Energy Impact Statement May 2010
SID-E Substitutions May 2014  July 1990
 SID-F Codes and Regulatory Agencies has been renamed Codes and Regulatory Agencies.
Health System Projects only SID-F-H Supplemental Codes & Regulatory Agencies for UMHHC Facilities  – This document has been combined into Codes and Regulatory Agencies and is no longer maintained separately
SID-G Commissioning December 2014 May 2012
Design-Phase Commissioning October 2012
MEP Design Coordination October 2012
Full Project Commissioning October 2012
Project Commissioning for Small Projects October 2012
SID-H Drawing and Construction Documents Standards June 2011 March 2009
Health System Projects only SID-H-H Construction Documents for UMHHC Facilities
SID-I Regulated and Hazardous Materials July 2008 July 2006
SID-J University Provided Utilities July 2013 November 2005
SID-K Sustainable Design and LEED® Requirements February 2014 May 2013
SID-L Owner’s Review December 2014 May 2014
SID-M Special Requirements July 1992
SID-N Standard Legends and Abbreviations – Removed June 2014 April 1991
SID-O Recycling Materials March 2014
SID-P Project Estimates May 2014  February 2006
Health System Projects only SID-P-H Estimating Guidelines for UMHHC Facilities
SID-Q Building Access Control November 2014 April 2010
SID-R Fall Protection on Rooftops June 2010
SID-S Sustainable Products Portfolio October 2010 August 2010
SID-T Landscape Materials November 2012 November 2010
Health System Projects only SID-U-H UMHHC Patient and Staff Protection:   Falls, Bariatrics, Low Vision and Ergonomics
Site Furnishings Standards Manual December 2010
Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual December 2010