Special Building Areas

Special Building Areas contains design criteria and design approach specific to certain building or room types.

SECTION Date Previous Versions
SBA-A Animal Facilities November 2013 September 2008
SBA-B Loading Docks August 2014 May 2003
SBA-C Telecommunication Rooms November 2014 August 2013
Health System Projects only SBA-C-H: Requirements for Telecommunications Rooms in UMHHC Facilities
SBA-D Custodial Closets May 2003 April 1995
Health System Projects only SBA-D-H Custodial Closets In UMHHC Facilities
SBA-E Parking Structures October 2009 June 2009
SBA-F Unit Sub-Station Rooms October 2009 June 2009
SBA-G Personal Rooms February 2013 April 2005
SBA-H Tunnels November 2005
SBA-I Gender Inclusive Toilet/Locker Room July 2014  November 2005
SBA-J Fire Command Center May 2006
SBA 5.12 Lab Design and Safety December 2014
Health System Projects only
SBA-K-H Healthcare Procedure Room Infection Control Types And Requirements
SBA-L-H Patient Care And Support Spaces Room Type Requirements
SBA-M-H: UMHHC Patient and Staff Protection: Falls, Bariatrics, Low Vision, Ergonomics