AEC is responsible for managing the design and construction activities for all University of Michigan capital projects. Our services include design and constructioninterior design and real estate.

We use a cross-functional team approach to managing projects. Each project team includes all members necessary to best meet the objectives of those who will be using the space that is being created or renovated by the project.

AEC manages the design phase for all capital projects:

  • Major projects including new buildings, additions, and major renovations (for campus and hospital) are managed via the University Architect’s Office, Planning and Design and Hospital Projects
  • Small and moderate renovations are managed thru AEC’s Architecture and Engineering group

Additions, new buildings and major renovations typically are managed by a design manager that will lead the project through the design phase. Major projects typically use a professional design firm for the project’s architectural and engineering design and preparation of bid documents. All design professionals must use the University Design Guidelines in order to provide consistency and continuity among projects.

Small- and moderate-sized renovations are managed through AEC’s Architecture and Engineering (A&E), a professional in-house design group of architects and engineers who provide professional design services for small renovation and infrastructure projects for the university and can provide a variety of professional services, such as estimates, studies, condition assessments, feasibility, and full architectural and engineering services.

For more information regarding the University of Michgan’s process for delivery of capital projects please refer to our User’s Guide to Construction Projects.

Non-capital projects (repairs, cosmetic upgrades, and general maintenance) should be directed to Facilities Maintenance. If the requester is unsure of whether a project is capital or general maintenance, they may submit the request to AEC for assistance.